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Whether you’re looking for blog posts, website copy, product descriptions, email newsletters, press releases or UGC videos, Chic Content has got you covered.

(Chic adjective: elegantly and stylishly fashionable.)

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I know how it feels

You see your competitors going viral. You're not. You need high-quality content that provides value, evokes emotion and drives results.

I founded Chic Content in 2017 with one mission: help brands achieve the content of their dreams to smash their business goals.

With a marketing degree, 11 years’ experience in marketing and journalism and 6 years’ experience in content creation, I know how to wield the power of compelling content to enhance your brand, connect with your target audience and gain ROI. 

I love telling stories online through any type of publication, which is why I also have bylines in Refinery29, Metro and Bolde, and have also been featured in Bustle, Nottingham Post and Look magazine.

Meet the founder

Hi, I'm Katie

I’m a millennial freelance writer, blogger and UGC creator. My journey had humble beginnings when I was convinced to start a blog at Nottingham Trent University by my course tutors.

Little did I know that I would end up falling in love with creating content, building a successful business and attracting the attention of brands who wanted me to help them do the same.


BA (Hons) degree in fashion marketing


diploma in freelance journalism


years of experience in content creation



Why Work With Me?


Exceptional research and creative skills

I am a micro-influencer and frequently trawl social media to find the most popular and trending content so I can offer and implement creative ideas that will gain traction.


A broad mind and extensive clientele

I am a world-traveller and have visited over 25 countries alongside collaborating with many international brands to produce clickworthy content with mass appeal.


100% reliability and professionalism

There’s no ghosting or late submissions here. Expect a streamlined process from start to finish whereby I always strive to meet your specifications and expectations.


A friend for life from Yorkshire

Let’s get the job done and enjoy ourselves at the same time. Fun facts about me: I love shopping and travelling. I live with my American husband. My parents have the cutest cavapoo called Riley who often comes to stay.

Brand Manifesto

"superior content should never be out of reach — and never go out of style.”

my signature ebook

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Inspire your target audience and create meaningful, thought-provoking conversations.