This past year has thrown content marketers a massive curveball. Not only has the behaviour of our target audience changed due to COVID, but so have the topics they want to read about.

Certain niches (i.e. food and fitness) are thriving. And others are barely even surviving — like fashion and beauty, for instance. I mean, we’ve all been practically living in lockdown-friendly loungewear and no makeup in the UK. Right?

Whether you have a presence on TikTok, Instagram or YouTube, or a popular blog or email newsletter, it can be a struggle to keep producing high-quality content in such uncertain times.

That said, I’m here to tell you that it’s okay to pivot and do something different. After all, things are changing constantly right now and you have to move with the times.

I’ve come up with 150 pandemic content ideas (organised by niche) that can help you reconnect with your existing audience alongside building long-lasting relationships with new audiences. Either way, hopefully by addressing COVID and adapting your content accordingly, you’ll find that your analytics metrics start going back up instead of down.


Firstly, let’s start with the obvious. After all, food has been one of the only things keeping us going in lockdown 3.0!

1. Easy recipes for beginners

2. Quick recipes for when you’ve finished working from home

3. Vegan meal ideas

4. Gluten-free meal ideas

5. Vegetarian meal ideas

6. Healthy smoothie recipes

7. Healthy juice recipes

8. Baking ideas

9. Food box subscription reviews

10. How to eat a balanced diet daily

Health and Wellness

The health niche has never been more prevalent in a pandemic. That said, avoid writing about COVID itself if you’re trying to rank on Google — they are prioritising content by health organisations and authoritative figures.

11. Food supplements to take daily

12. How to improve sleep

13. Self-care ideas

14. How to manage mental health during a pandemic

15. Ways to overcome loneliness in isolation

16. The benefits of taking vitamin D (or another supplement)

17. Ways to feel calmer during lockdown

18. How to improve gut health

19. Why you should drink plenty of water

20. How to reduce stress in lockdown


The fitness industry has grown immensely since the start of the pandemic. Online instructors, such as Joe Wicks and Heather Robertson, have also risen in popularity and show no signs of going out of style!

21. Types of workouts you can do in lockdown

22. The difference between HIIT and LISS

23. The benefits of exercising daily

24. Favourite at-home workouts

25. Favourite online fitness instructors

26. Exercises to work your arms (or another body part)

27. The best yoga poses for stretching

28. How to build an at-home gym

29. Favourite HIIT routine

30. How many times you should work out per week


The fact that UK-based salons have been shut more time than they’ve been open in the last year means that the hair and beauty industry is struggling. However, there are ways to pivot your niche to still make beauty content relevant.

31. How to cut your own hair in lockdown

32. How to remove acrylic nails in lockdown

33. Ways to pamper yourself at-home

34. How to give yourself an at-home facial

35. How to give yourself an at-home manicure

36. Favourite skincare products

37. My daily skincare routine

38. How to keep your hair healthy in lockdown

39. DIY face masks

40. How to whiten your teeth at home


Like I mentioned earlier, most people have recently been knocking about in loungewear, activewear, pyjamas or a mixture of the three. Keep this in mind while you’re brainstorming pandemic content ideas.

41. The best AW20 loungewear outfits

42. How to style loungewear for your next Zoom call

43. Workwear outfit ideas for your next Zoom meeting

44. Activewear essentials you need

45. The softest pyjamas to wear in lockdown

46. The comfiest shoes to wear around the house

47. AW20 sales picks

48. The best walking shoes for hiking

49. AW20 coats to cover up in style

50. Upcoming trends for post-lockdown events

AW20 Loungewear Outfit Ideas


2020 was the year that all Brits made home improvements — and some people are still going in 2021! After all, home is the place we’re currently spending the most time in.

51. How to decorate your living room (or another room)

52. Cleaning tips

53. Home organisation tips

54. DIY office space

55. How to clear out your beauty cupboard (or another cupboard)

56. Home storage tips

57. How to recycle properly and live more sustainably

58. The best tables for your dining room

59. Favourite homeware products

60. Upcoming home trends


Unfortunately, all businesses have been affected by the pandemic (some more than others). Even so, you might be able to offer solutions for your readers based on your own hardships.

61. Working from home tips

62. Online marketing ideas during a pandemic

63. Time management hacks

64. How to pivot your business during a pandemic

65. Rebranding tips

66. How to build a brand new website

67. How to build your content strategy during a pandemic

68. Social media marketing tips

69. The importance of email marketing

70. Search Engine Optimisation tips for beginners


A lot of people are struggling with money at the moment, which is why they’d appreciate some top tips for keeping their finances in check! You could be the one to offer them help and guidance.

71. How to do a financial health check

72. Ways to save money during a pandemic

73. The expenses you can cut out of your life now

74. How to invest during a pandemic

75. How to build a budget for food shopping

76. The money habits of wealthy people

77. Pensions explained

78. The best saving accounts around

79. Setting financial goals for success

80. How to pay off debts fast


The travel industry has been hard-hit since the start of 2020. Having said that, you can still serve your audience with these pandemic content ideas until life returns to normal.

81. Travel bucket list ideas

82. How to travel virtually in a pandemic

83. Staycation ideas

84. How to be a tourist in your hometown

85. Ways to travel locally

86. London travel guide for when we can travel again (or another city)

87. What to see and do in Leeds (or your hometown)

88. Travel gadgets you need post-pandemic

89. Travel book reviews

90. The best Italian food you need to try (or swap for another cuisine)


Parents have had a difficult job keeping their kids entertained since COVID became a thing and schools have been closed on and off in the UK. Here are a few pandemic content ideas that may help parents (and kids) to stay sane until they’re back at school indefinitely.

91. Homeschooling tips

92. How to keep kids entertained at home

93. Fun things to do with your kids in lockdown

94. How to work out as a family

95. Food ideas for picky eaters

96. How to discipline naughty kids in lockdown

97. Kids chores by age

98. How to talk to your kids about coronavirus

99. Daily schedule ideas

100. Tidying up games that work

Pandemic Content Ideas


Pets still need our full attention whether or not there’s a global pandemic going on. That’s why this niche is still doing so well compared to some others.

101. Can your pet get coronavirus?

102. How to handle lockdown with your pet

103. Grooming at home tips

104. Types of pets that you can buy in lockdown

105. Is a new puppy right for you right now?

106. How to keep your pet happy and healthy in lockdown

107. The best places to buy pet supplies during a pandemic

108. Fun games to play with your pet at home

109. How to organise your pet’s belongings

110. Ways to pass the time with your pet during lockdown

Technology and Gaming

With more people staying at home than ever before, business is booming in the technology and gaming industry. In fact, being able to distract ourselves with devices has been super helpful in a tough time.

111. The best online games to come out during a pandemic

112. Technology or software reviews

113. The best iPad games to keep kids occupied at home

114. Is it time to update your laptop? A guide

115. The gadgets you need in lockdown

116. Online safety tips

117. How to have a digital clear out

118. How to have a digital detox during lockdown

119. Ways to boost the longevity of your favourite device

120. The best phone apps to get you through lockdown


Weddings is another industry that has suffered throughout COVID thanks to quantity restrictions and mandatory mask-wearing. A lot of couples have also opted to push their weddings back instead of having to deal with draconian measures. 

121. Should you get married during COVID? A guide

122. Elopement ideas for pandemic couples

123. Virtual wedding events you need to attend

124. Ways to reduce wedding planning stress in a pandemic

125. What to expect with a COVID wedding

126. How to adapt your wedding in a pandemic

127. Should you postpone your wedding day?

128. Reception venue ideas for a post-lockdown wedding

129. Wedding venue ideas for a post-lockdown ceremony

130. The benefits of having a micro wedding

Dating and Relationships

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, there are couples, families and friends everywhere in despair because they haven’t seen each other in months. Here are some pandemic content ideas that you can use to engage this audience.

131. Long-distance relationship tips

132. Virtual date ideas

133. Lockdown date ideas

134. Is it time to break up or should you stay together? A guide

135. Nice things you can do for your loved ones in a pandemic

136. How to keep your relationships strong in a pandemic

137. Social-distancing date ideas

138. How to recover from an argument with a loved one in lockdown

139. How to have a friendship audit in a pandemic

140. How to recover from a pandemic breakup

Art and Crafts

Lastly, the arts and crafts niche has grown significantly of late. This is mostly because more people have been at home and had more time on their hands, meaning they’ve been looking for new ways to entertain themselves. 

If you own a business in this industry, happy days!

141. Knitting tips for beginners

142. The equipment you need to make jewellery

143. How to decide what to paint

144. Creative hobbies to try in lockdown

145. Journaling hacks for beginners

146. The easiest things to knit as a newbie

147. The benefits of being crafty in a lockdown

148. Fun things you can make with your kids during lockdown

149. The best journals for serious writers

150. Easy things you can make on your own in lockdown


Utilising These Pandemic Content Ideas

Let’s face it, this is a strange time in all of our lives. That’s why your audience isn’t going to judge you if your content goes off track or you have to pivot your business slightly.

In fact, you might just end up delighting them with the variety!

Just make sure that you’re not piggybacking off the pandemic. Stay true to yourself. Stay true to your audience. And you just might find that they stick around long-term.